Mar. 17th, 2003

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Got back late last night from the wedding in Missouri. It was a good weekend, but a rough one. We left Thursday night after D's class, which meant that we didn't arrive in Missouri till around five in the morning. Long drive when you're tired. Then we were up six hours later to go buy decorations and help decorate the hall for the wedding. I was on kid-duty, which meant that D and I spent the afternoon taking care of kids who, although normally very cute, were little hellions that day.

Fortunately, later that night, we got some time alone to go visit cheshirecoyote a little north of us. It was a good evening, and I wish it had gone on longer than it did. First Steak-N-Shake, where there was a buffet of young highschool female flesh on display, and where the waitress ignored us for over an hour, prompting us to leave without paying the bill (the first time any of us had ever done something like that), and then Waffle House, which is frequented by the most interesting of people late at night.

Good conversation, comfortable atmosphere. As if we'd been friends for a longer time than we have. It was nice.

Then we got up the next morning to go play golf! Yes, I played my first ever nine holes of golf. Good lord I sucked mighty ass at it. But it was so much fun, and I'm looking forward to going and playing again. In fact, D's father put together a set of clubs for me out of old clubs he had lying around, so I at least have something I can take to the range and play with. I'm pretty psyched about this. I'm not quite as good as my character in Tiger Woods 2003, but I can learn!

The wedding was gorgeous. It made me cry. It was so honest, and not overly formal, and there were no dry eyes in the house. It really was lovely.

But then we were up early again to get on the road the next day. But, alas, we could not find our cellphone, and spent hours looking for it, and finally left without it. Of course, I got an email this morning that it was in the golf cart. I'm glad, but also miffed at myself for losing it in the first place.

What this means is that if you call me on the cellphone, you can leave a message, and I'll retrieve it, but I can't actually answer it till it gets here.

As a result of getting started late, we didn't get home till way late last night, and I seem to have brought a cold with me. Bah.

Still, I have golf clubs! And a pretty, sparkly, dangly blue and white butterfly that goes in a window, and a butterfly bell (both given to me by D's mom!). AND AND AND -- we have a bed. A real, actual, bed. Not a futon on the floor. For the first time in 9 years, I will be able to sleep regularly in a bed. I am so pleased and enthralled. :)

Now to play catchup on all the work I shoulda been doing....


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