Aug. 31st, 2003

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So. Little Girl's Day is technically August 2nd. But we both forgot about it on the second because of stress and work and all kinds of crap.

We celebrated it today. Started with going to lunch at Chang's. Walked around the mall. Bought about 400.00 worth of clothes for me for about 130.00 (I love clearance sales). Including three new skirts, because I've been wanting new skirts. We also bought D a straw hat for costuming purposes, but he actually kinda looks good in it. :) We also bought something for the Doc. We'll mail it this week.

We popped over to Best Buy and picked up Soul Calibur II. Whee!

We left the mall and went to a lovely jewelry store out on Metairie Road and put down the deposit on D's wedding ring. It's scrumptiously gorgeous. Which reminds me that I have to get my ring cleaned before the wedding.

Then we went next door to a hardware store and bought rope and O rings. La la la.

Came home, had a vague fashion show kind of thing that consisted of me trying on lots of clothes, and D being very appreciative and admiring. We played Soul Calibur II a little bit, showered and got dressed up, and headed back out again.

Had dinner at Anthony's. It was kind of a failure of a meal, but it wasn't a /bad/ experience. Just frustrating. It ended up with me not having anything to eat except a couple bites of D's jambalaya and crabcakes, but that was okay because I wasn't that hungry to begin with.

As we walked through the River Center, D bought me some lovely lovely lovely scarves that are just amazingly beautiful and delicate looking. I'm almost afraid to wear them. But not really.

Then we went over and saw Matrix: Reloaded on the IMAX. Wah. It was ... very very big.

We're home, and technically the 24 hours of Little Girl's Day are over, but I have a feeling it's not /completely/ over....

What a day! :)


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