Aug. 3rd, 2003

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Hey, we're looking at getting a new firewall. Does anyone have any suggestions for free firewalls that they trust?


Aug. 3rd, 2003 10:43 pm
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It always seems that my livejournal posts are updates, more than anything else. I have these amazing friends who just ramble on and on about interesting things in their journals, and I feel mostly like I use it to keep people updated on my life. As if this were somehow better or easier (which it is, really!) than sending out emails. I'm srry to those of you who wish I'd actually post something more interesting. :)

I went to Baton Rouge yesterday and my Maid of Honor (the one who isn't the Doc) and I went to visit with a florist that I was thinking of hiring. When I told her how little I actually could spend on flowers, she sat down with me and /still/ treated me like I was her number one important client. We put together a wish list of things I wanted. It was huge. I knew there was no way on earth I could afford all those fresh flowers. Just no way on earth.

So after we created the wish list, she left the room to go figure out the costs of everything (it's like buying a car!) and she came back and told me that the whole thing would run me 100.00 more than I had told her my limit was. Of course, I had told her 100 less than what my actual limit was, so....

*bounces* So I have a florist. And I have a bouquet, and my maid of honor has a less elaborate, but lovely bouquet, and all my bridesmaids have bouquets, and all the men have boutennieres, and all the women in the families have flowers, and we have decorations for the bannister and the tables in the plantation and a wreath for the front door and petals and hair wreaths for the flower girls and a wreath for my hair, and one to throw (I'm throwing a wreath instead of a bouquest, which is apparently a very medieval thing to do). And all for much less than I thought it would cost to get that much stuff.

Then we went to the dress shop and got her dress, and it's gorgeous. And she might outshine me on my own wedding day, because she's so beautiful to start with, and this dress makes her look like a model with long black hair and beautiful eyes and flawless skin and .... *happy envy* I'm so excited. And it matches my dress kinda! They're both empire wasted with an overlay ...thingy. I don't know how to explain it. But they're good together. Hers will be different from the other bridesmaids', but that's okay. The Maid of Honor is allowed to have a slightly different look.

So then we met up with D and some others and hung out and had a great time at Fox and the Hound, went to the Planetarium for a less-than-impressive 20 minute presentation/film that we paid 6 bucks for, and then went for coffee and hung out with more friends. It was a good day.

Today was Pirates with Miriam and Alan, and that was a blast. I like watching new friendships grow, and ours with them is definitely growing.

So. Tomorrow is looking at tuxedos day. And then Tuesday is finalizing the guest list day. And sometime this week I need to go look at lingerie (mmmmmmmmmm).

Oh, and yeah, sometime soon I need to work on my dissertation. :)


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