May. 7th, 2003

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So. Lots on my mind.

My Uncle is in the hospital, in ICU, first on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Apparently he was born with a liver disease, but it had been in remission for most of his life. He had talked to my dad a long time ago about possibly getting a partial liver donation from him. But it had never gotten bad enough to require it.

A week ago, it got that bad. And my grandmother flew to Phoenix to see him, but didn't bother to tell anyone else in the family. When my aunt found out, she called my mom. My mom called my dad in China. My dad's flying home on Saturday. They closed down the University he teaches at, since it's pretty much ground zero for SARS right now, and he was coming home early anyway, it's just that now he's coming home super early. Then he's quarantining for 10 days before he can go to Phoenix. Bah.

The woman who is making my wedding dress has been struck by a nerve disorder that makes her shake and stutter. It's hard to talk to her, because it's so obviously there, like a giant white elephant in the middle of the room that noone talks about. But I have to call her this week. My sister has volunteered to work with her on making the dress, and basically just using the woman as a supervisor for things to do and not do. I'm more worried about her than the dress, but the dress is still a selfish little worry.

Got a response from the Santero I wrote to, and it basically amounted to, "I'll tell you whatever you want to know, but you should come to one of our 500 dollar workshops if you really want to know what's going on." I knew he was a little exploitative, but I appealed to him with sincerity, and got hit up for money. So today I actually sacrificed the safety of a computer screen and went to the only real neighborhood Botanica in the city and talked to a young Cuban woman who gave me her Padrino's name and phone number. Apparently there is no Santeria community in New Orleans to speak of. Not surprising. This is a spiritualist and Voudou city. But her Padrino is only in Mobile, which is an hour and a half or so away, and not that far at all. We'll see how long it takes me to make the phone call.

Still vaguely out of it. Definitely time to talk to the doctor about the birth control to see if there are alternates to this. I can't imagine it's anything but that.

I'm feeling a little homesick, wanting to see my family. Maybe it's just that my sister is due in a couple months and my dad is coming home from China and my uncle is sick and etc. I don't know.

In good news, I'm doing well on the dissertation work. Now if only I didn't have to go into work every day, I might actually be able to get it done. :)


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