Nov. 1st, 2003 12:17 am
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A proposal I submitted to the Popular Culture Association's Southern Lit panel at their big conference in San Antonio in April was accepted. The same day I submitted the abstract. The SAME DAY.

Holy God.

And it wasn't a conference -- but a panel. Which means like three people. I was one of three chosen. WOOT!

Go me, go me, it's my birthday.


Oct. 31st, 2003 05:27 pm
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So, needless to say, I've been extremely busy. I'm trying to finish up my rough draft in the next couple of days, and I'm a good 30 pages away from having that done. My first guest arrives on Sunday (YAY for divatrix!) and every day after that another guest arrives. It's going to be a busy busy week. I have a hair appointment and I'm trying to fit in a manicure (I feel so girly) and J and I have to go shopping for shoes, and ... hey B, do you have shoes yet? Closed toe, navy.

Tonight there's a Halloween Party at the dance studio, and Susan and D and I are going. It should be fun. We'll be in corsets dancing the waltz. It's going to feel just insanely Victorian.

Sunday I'll get my dress back from M, who fixed up all the problems, and I'll take it to be steamed.

I've got about a million things going on at once. :) Elisa and Howard are taking us to Galatoire's on Thursday, for which I am already salivating.

ICC was slightly disappointing, but I got reamed out with auspex by an Archon, and a Justicar almost popped my head off, so that was fun. (sorry, had to throw one geeky bit in there) And spending the whole weekend with one of our closest friends made up for every bit of disappointment.

I'm REALLY looking forward to Doc being here. Hey B, would you be willing to give him a ride back from St. Francisville on Monday? I know you said you wanted to spend some time talking with him, and the two of you have that Nanowhatsthefuck thing going on, and I'm just trying to get everyone taken care of. :)

Bachelorette party on Friday night. We're doing dinner at Chang's at 4:30 on Friday, so if you're coming to the wedding and you're female, let me know, I'll make sure you're set up. If you're a boy and you want to go to the Bachelor party, let me know, and I'll set you up with that as well.

Um. I think that's it. I miss everyone. I'm tired of working on my dissertation.

Your friendly neighborhood shut in
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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waysmeanstonola gives you 7 red cinnamon-flavoured jelly beans.
cai ends up with 73 pieces of candy.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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My wedding dress just got here. There are a few minor issues I have with the seamstressing. Well, one of them is not so "minor," but I believe it to be fixable nonetheless. The trim is uneven in the front in a way that makes me look lopsided and uneven. The buttons in the back are not straight by any stretch of the imagination. And the hem is slightly too short in the front.

But you know what? All that is fixable. The dress is gorgeous.

On me? It looks like a nightmare. I cannot get married. Not in this dress.
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Wedding Shower Stuff: The shower was lots of fun. I was surprised at the weirdly eclectic group that showed up for it. Lots of people couldn't make it, which was fine, but it was a weird group that /did/ show up for it. And the whole thing was vaguely surreal because I was still a tad bit hung over from the night before and because I kept thinking "I'm sitting here, and I did (deleted) last night, and I can't tell a single one of these people about it." But then B got there, and I could tell her, and she was not at all surprised, because it's been building up for a long time. She just wanted to know if it was any good.

(Was it? Well, now that I've had girl flesh for the first time in a long time, I know that yes, I am still very very bisexual, and no, I'm not interested in anyone but D. It was fun, but that was it. It didn't awaken latent cravings or make me question whether I could be with guys, the way it has in the past. It just solidified my relationship with D. The fact that he was part of it, in fact, was certainly part of what made it so much fun. And I've gotten to fulfill not only a number of my fantasies, but also his!)

The theme of the shower was "Tools and Toys" which is very very open. And there were certain people who, if they had come, would have undoubtedly brought very naughty gifts. But instead, we got pretty useful and non-naughty gifts including a tool set and a power drill!

The funniest moment of the shower for me had to be when there were only a few of us left and the conversation turned to the worst wedding experiences we've ever had. That was just ... adding to the surreality of it all.

Wedding Stuff: I think I've decided to go with the indoors over the outdoors for the wedding because we have singers, and the acoustics are better inside. Plus, the DJ wants to charge us an additional 250 for a secondary set up near the place where the ceremony would be if it were outside, on the other side of the plantation from the DJ setup, and we can't afford that. So we're going to just use a small, portable CD player inside.

Dancing Stuff: We went to our first group lesson on Friday night and did some turns and some step changes for the waltz, and then some turns and hand changes for swing. I'm having some trouble with the hand changes for swing, but that's what practice is all about. We'll see if I'm confident enough for this by the time the wedding gets here. :)

Dissertation Stuff: Today and tomorrow are Sheri Reynolds days. I need to get twenty pages or so written so I can send it to my advisor. Once Sheri Reynolds is done, all I have left is a conclusion, but I can't write that until the rest of it is mostly polished off, since the conclusion may change drastically depending on the changes made throughout the rest. So I will successfully have completed the rough draft by the wedding at this rate.

Job Stuff: I'm tempted to give up job hunting this semester. I have a guaranteed job at Tulane in the fall. But we need to find a job for Mark for the fall as well. Alan, his former boss, and our good friend, is talking about trying to get him a job in the sociology department at UNO, and if that were to go through, I would be a happy camper. We could stay in New Orleans for one more year, Mark would have full teaching experience for his CV, and he could take some extra time with his thesis if he wanted to. And it would lower my stress this semester by about a bazillion. But we'll see about that.

Other Stuff: After talking about parents last night for a good hour, I find that I really miss my parents and wish they would call. This China thing is great for them, but sometimes it really blows.
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Went to our first full lesson today for dancing. It was pretty amazingly fun. I knew I loved it, but I didn't realize how much. And I'm picking stuff up pretty quick. We did some swing with some spins and some rumba with some turns and it was pretty groovy. And we listened to the wedding song and talked about options for that dance.

And then, this evening, my shoes came in. So I'll be taking my shoes with me to my next lesson so that I can practice dancing in them. The shoes are slightly big, because I've apparently lost a shoe size somewhere. But I think they'll be okay.

Besides, they're gorgeous! :)

And I think we've picked all of our music, which I am happy about. :)
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Anyone who is traveling to New Orleans for the wedding -- this week New Orleans is Southwest's Featured Destination, and so the flights to and from most major cities that Southwest flies into and out of are discounted.

Just sayin'.
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YAY Doc! Red Sox Win!

Yay Kathy! More email from Dad. Things are fine! (For the few of you who get that)


Oct. 6th, 2003 03:18 pm
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We LOVED our dancing lessons. But they are pricey. We went ahead and got them anyway, even though it brings us to eating ramen for every meal. hey, maybe we'll lose weight and be THIN and DANCING on the dance floor!

Anyone wanna pay for our lessons as a wedding present? :)

Some stuff

Oct. 6th, 2003 09:35 am
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What a weekend. I really /was/ going to get lots of dissertation work done. I really was. Honest to God.

Instead, though, we spent both Saturday night and Sunday night with A and M and at least two of the four of us got fairly intoxicated both nights. Much tequila and much wine and much amaretto and some champagne and ... oy.

You have to love that moment when someone that you're interested in makes it clear not only that she's interested in you, but also interested in things for which you have a proclivity and things which you never, in a million years, would have thought they /also/ had a proclivity for. And then that other moment when they rush the goodbye at the end of the night so they can get to the hugging part. Even if the lingering moment of an almost-kiss didn't actually result in the kiss. She's so cute. And so not straight, no matter what she once believed.

Went dress shopping with my Maid of Honor on Saturday morning to try to find a dress for the little civil ceremony. It so didn't happen. I think I'm just going to throw on jeans and a sweater and bam! Maybe I'll look once more in a couple of weeks, just on the offchance that something will strike my fancy, but probably not. Too much money and hassle for my taste.

Mark and I have our first dance lesson today. Yes. We're taking some dance lessons in prep for the wedding. We've decided that instead of having all party music and "Whoomp! There it is!" and "YMCA" stuff, we're doing Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Glen Miller, etc. Big band, swing, blues, and some contemporary stuff that will meld into the mix without too much jarring dissonance. We figured what the hell, right? We'll be at a plantation with fancy shmancy clothes on, we might as well add another touch of class and elegance. It's always kind of weird to look at a bunch of people in formal clothes dancing the electric slide anyway. But, since neither Mark nor I are expert dancers, and since our sense of rhythm for anything beyond slow dancing is slightly warped, we're going to take a few lessons to at least have some semblance of how to dance to the music we've chosen. And I've always wanted to take a few lessons anyway. And the adventures of Captain Steam have inspired me.

Of course, I'm tired and slightly hung over this morning, so dancing in two hours ought to be interesting to say the least. :)
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The UPS guy comes to our apartment every day now. And every day he says, "See you tomorrow" and every day I think, "I don't think there's more stuff coming tomorrow..." And every day he comes with something else. :)

Today we got the wedding bubbles and Mark's new Harmonica.

And we went to the store and bought a gorgeous cake server and knife set, and our toasting glasses. And a lace handkerchief, cause damnit, I know I'm gonna cry up there. I can't even not cry at someone /else's/ wedding. I /know/ mine will not be dry.
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We have 50-60 confirmed "Yes I will be there"s. And a whole lot of people who haven't sent back their RSVP cards.

I checked the hotel in St. Francisville. Four people have made reservations. Oy.

Dresses all taken care of, just waiting on Julia's to arrive, and the CORRECT one to arrive for Faith.

I have to have two weddings. :) The JP won't sign the license for a marriage he didn't perform, so we have to have a separate ceremony from the big wedding. We're doing it that morning at a gazebo in the park in St. Francisville. I'm going to wear a pink dress. If I can find an appropriate one. I found one online, but I'm going to shop the stores with my Maid of Honor tomorrow to see if we can find something I like better.

The shower is next weekend. I'm excited. :)

My dad has been hinting again about trips to China for a honeymoon. Plus hinting about paying off all our credit cards. Plus telling me straight out he's giving us enough money to keep us out of financial hell for the rest of the year. I don't know when my Dad came into all this money, but he rocks my world. Mark's parents are making similar financial hints, and between the two sets, I think I'm just amazed at the generosity of the world these days.

Lots of weird, stressy dreams about the wedding. I don't /feel/ stressed about it, but I keep having dreams in which my dress no longer fits, or I'm late for the rehearsal, or noone shows up for the wedding. Very odd. And I guess I do feel a tiny bit stressed in that I keep thinking there's something I need to do that I'm forgetting.

Having lunch today with the guy who's performing the ceremony to talk about structure and speeches and vows and stuff.

Have to go get a marriage license in the next couple of weeks.

The only thing left to buy, I think, is cake server stuff and toasting goblets and champagne. And the license, of course.

Dissertation stuff -- my advisor said the chapter I showed her was fantastic and shouold be made into an article for publication. Woot. Now I just have to finish the fourth chapter, and then I'll have an entire rough draft sans conclusion. Just chugging along.

Isabelle should be grateful for her cuteness. I might send her back otherwise. Sheesh.

If you're reading this and I don't know if you're coming to my wedding, please tell me. :)
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Well, I'll be damned.

My Uncle, the one who lives with my Grandma (the Grandma who RSVPed 'no' to my wedding without a word as to why), has RSVPed yes to the wedding. Everyone was positive he would not come. And my Dad was prepared to sock him one the next time he saw him. It's nice to have something nice happen to take the wind out of angry sails.

Bad Kathy!

Sep. 30th, 2003 07:55 am
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I'm staying home today to try and get some more work done and get caught up. I spent all day yesterday working, and I only really scratched the surface. I'm getting tired of stupid little nagging things that pile up and then threaten to swallow me whole. Hopefully I can get them all behind me today and tomorrow and be completely refreshed and ready to go by Thursday.

One of the /fun/ little nagging things, though, is that I get to go pick up Mark's ring today. :)

Thirty nine days.
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I got back last night from Josh's wedding in BOLIVAR, Missouri. It was, as everyone said, not a wedding, but a musical. Complete with groom singing to bride, groom's college acapella group showing up to surprise him and sing songs to him and the bride that made the ol' Baptists in the audience sweat a bit, the father singing to the bride as he gave her over to the groom, and at least four different numbers during the ceremony.

But it was beautiful!

As I listened to the preacher talk about her kindness, his strength, her sweetness, his integrity, her goodness, his powers of mind, her beauty and vivacity, his intelligence land eadership and her support and submission and his ... well, let's just say I made a list of things for our officiant NOT to say. But I should have expected it from a hardcore Baptist ceremony.

It was a long weekend. 13 hours there on Friday. 13 hours back on Sunday. And working all day today to try to catch up.

Doc, thanks for the measurements. :)

Steam, I love you and I'm sorry about Frankie. I wish I could say more or offer more in the way of support, but know I'm thinking about you.


Sep. 22nd, 2003 04:29 pm
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Okay, they say bad things happen in threes. And it's been my experience that this is generally true. But apparently, when good things happen, they happen in abundance!

I just got my spring schedule. No 101 classes. A 200 level and a /300/ level special topics course. I am in heaven. Okay, so yeah, they're at 9 and 11 in the morning on MWF, which is pretty sucky, but it means I'm completely done by noon every day, and can spend the afternoons on my dissertation. Byebye four day weekends though. :)

I found the /perfect/ shoes for the wedding. They're white and pretty and have low low heels (it's on a plantation ... this means uneven cobblestones and grass and such -- no high heels or (god forbid) spikes), but they also have what Mark affectionately refers to as "whore straps" around the ankles. http://www.saugusshoes.com/product.html?style=44&page=5

All of my bridesmaids finally have their dresses ordered and on their way here. And all of the dresses are so pretty. Very different tops on all of them, but very pretty.

I have my stockings, my garters, my corset, my dress, my shoes. That's it for me, I think.

D's ring just came in, so we can pick that up as soon as we get another check (next week).

We went to Greenwood, to a wedding that my caterer was catering, and we taste-tested. The food was AMAZING. Ohmygod, like melt-in-your-mouth good.

While we were there, we also stopped by the place that is catering the rehearsal dinner, and tried out their gourmet pizzas since that's what we're ordering -- best pizza I've ever had, bar none. It was ... god, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. AND, to make matters even better, they said we could have the entire room reserved for only 50 bucks from 6 until they closed that night. Every place else was charging like 300 bucks.

Wedding presents have been arriving. :) I swear, you people must think we're lushes. All the wine glasses and champagne flutes were the first things people bought off of our registries. :)

Had a /great/ time on Friday night with with some friends and my Maid of Honor as we addressed shower invitations and got increasingly more intoxicated as the night went on. Nothing like bringing out a huge platter of fruit in front of multiple people who are on Atkins and watching them attack it voraciously. :) There's something wrong with a diet where eating fruit is considered cheating.

Bought some little candy-bar wrappers to put on Hershey's Nuggets for favors, and some tulle bags and little ribbon roses to tie them all together. It was mondo cheap.

My sister is making photo albums, a card box, and a guest book for us, using the leftover lace and such from the dress. (She has saved us thousands of dollars -- she made the dress AND she's doing the photography, all for free.)

I feel .... so good. Like everything in my life is just how it's supposed to be. Now if I could only get an extra million or so, life would be perfect. :)

Oh, and they didn't find anything wrong with me, by the way. :)
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The physician said it's definitely something. I have an ultrasound on Friday at 1.

Of course, she also said it's likely to be the least bad of the bad things. So there's kind of mixed news.

Apparently the specialist hospital I'm going to promises to have you fully treated within five days of your first ultrasound. So hopefully whatever this is will be over and done with by next week.


Sep. 17th, 2003 12:42 pm
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I held out that maybe, just maybe, my Grandmother wasn't the bitch I thought she was.

She didn't go to my sister's wedding in Texas. Less than a year later she went to my cousin's wedding in Louisiana. Now she's not coming to my wedding in Louisiana. She's had a year's notice. She lives with my rich uncle, and she's rich herself. She travels all over the place. It's not like she's sick or can't afford it.

And my dad told my uncle that if they ditched out on my wedding, it would be a very clear signal to my family that we'd been written off.

I haven't heard from my uncle, but I did get my Grandma's RSVP card.

I shouldn't feel hurt or rejected by this, because we've known she was a bitch for a long time. But I was holding out that maybe she'd come, since she came to my cousin's. Nope. Bah.

Fuck her.


Sep. 16th, 2003 07:36 pm
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Of the two bigwigs in the field that I asked to read sections of my dissertation and send me a letter for my portfolio, one of them said no and one said yes. The one who said no was the one in my field, who claimed she didn't know enough to feel comfortable commenting. The other one is not in my field, but his book and his theories are eerily close to my own, just in another field altogether. He was very very cool.
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