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I'm back to the lawfirm for a couple of weeks. It's a couple weeks too many, but hey, the money is good, so I can't complain. Besides, this will guarantee that we can at least buy Christmas presents for Mark's nieces and nephew (we'll be there for Christmas) if for noone else. And let's face it, kids should have more presents than everyone else anyway.

My dissertation is ... okay. I'm trying to work on it, really. I think I've hit some psychological hurdles. Mark has been trying to work me through them, but it's still rough. We'll see. It's just a great big paper. I keep trying to tell myself that, but it's not working. :)

As of Monday we've been on the South Beach diet for three weeks. I lost 12-13 pounds in the first two weeks, and then stalled for a few days, but am now at 15 pounds, so the stall ended. We're in phase II which is much less restrictive, and really, I don't miss the things I can't have. The only thing I kind of miss is french fries, but I don't miss them enough to cheat. I'm going to a friend's birthday party in January at Fox and the Hound, and they've got great fries, so I think that's going to be my treat to myself.

I'm also up to walking a mile in a little under 21 minutes. For someone who hasn't done any /serious/ exercise in a long time, this is a pretty groovy improvement. My goal is five miles in an hour and a half every day. Plus I've started doing some weight training and various other exercises. I love the way it makes me feel, but I still don't really enjoy /doing/ the exercise. It's still work. I'm waiting for it to be fun, because I remember from my days on the swim team how neat it is for exercise and walking/running to be fun.

Can I just say that Blue Bunny is the stuff of the gods? All of their sugar-free stuff is made with Splenda, which is yummily tasty and so we can have things like ice cream.

D has less weight to lose than I do, and he's about 1/3 of the way to his goal. He looks /amazing/. *swoon*

One day at a time...
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