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South Beach Update -- This is the sixth morning of the diet, and I've lost five pounds. I seem to be losing a pound a day during the really strict phase one of this thing. I have absolutely no cravings for carbs, and almost no cravings for sugars. They recommend doing phase 1 for two weeks, but I may do it for an extra week just to really kick start the whole process.

Dissertation Update -- Ugh. I have so much work. But I have finally started to realize the ways in which this dissertation /does/ question and challenge almost all the accepted methods of dealing with the kind of texts I'm dealing with, and it's a little daunting. I'm basically flying in the face of a lot of critics who will smash me upside the head if this thing ever gets published. I'm seeing it now. My advisor tells me that's part of what makes this work I'm doing groundbreaking. We'll see.

Married Update -- Still married. :) Very happy. Working on thank you cards.

Cat Update -- They are currently curled up in a ball and Heathcliff is grooming Isabelle. I imagine this will last for ten seconds before they begin chasing each other. Cats are worth their weight in amusement value.

I called up my temp agent and told her I needed money and gave her my available dates. She called up my favorite firm in the city, and they filled every one of my available dates for me. Sometimes it pays to have a work ethic. It makes people go out of their way to give you money. And working around holidays is always good at this firm because there isn't much in the way of work. So I can maybe get some dissertation stuff taken care of. Maybe.

I'm still working on composing some thoughts and a post about the wedding. There are so many things and people that I just want to gush about. Eventually.
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