Oct. 12th, 2003

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Wedding Shower Stuff: The shower was lots of fun. I was surprised at the weirdly eclectic group that showed up for it. Lots of people couldn't make it, which was fine, but it was a weird group that /did/ show up for it. And the whole thing was vaguely surreal because I was still a tad bit hung over from the night before and because I kept thinking "I'm sitting here, and I did (deleted) last night, and I can't tell a single one of these people about it." But then B got there, and I could tell her, and she was not at all surprised, because it's been building up for a long time. She just wanted to know if it was any good.

(Was it? Well, now that I've had girl flesh for the first time in a long time, I know that yes, I am still very very bisexual, and no, I'm not interested in anyone but D. It was fun, but that was it. It didn't awaken latent cravings or make me question whether I could be with guys, the way it has in the past. It just solidified my relationship with D. The fact that he was part of it, in fact, was certainly part of what made it so much fun. And I've gotten to fulfill not only a number of my fantasies, but also his!)

The theme of the shower was "Tools and Toys" which is very very open. And there were certain people who, if they had come, would have undoubtedly brought very naughty gifts. But instead, we got pretty useful and non-naughty gifts including a tool set and a power drill!

The funniest moment of the shower for me had to be when there were only a few of us left and the conversation turned to the worst wedding experiences we've ever had. That was just ... adding to the surreality of it all.

Wedding Stuff: I think I've decided to go with the indoors over the outdoors for the wedding because we have singers, and the acoustics are better inside. Plus, the DJ wants to charge us an additional 250 for a secondary set up near the place where the ceremony would be if it were outside, on the other side of the plantation from the DJ setup, and we can't afford that. So we're going to just use a small, portable CD player inside.

Dancing Stuff: We went to our first group lesson on Friday night and did some turns and some step changes for the waltz, and then some turns and hand changes for swing. I'm having some trouble with the hand changes for swing, but that's what practice is all about. We'll see if I'm confident enough for this by the time the wedding gets here. :)

Dissertation Stuff: Today and tomorrow are Sheri Reynolds days. I need to get twenty pages or so written so I can send it to my advisor. Once Sheri Reynolds is done, all I have left is a conclusion, but I can't write that until the rest of it is mostly polished off, since the conclusion may change drastically depending on the changes made throughout the rest. So I will successfully have completed the rough draft by the wedding at this rate.

Job Stuff: I'm tempted to give up job hunting this semester. I have a guaranteed job at Tulane in the fall. But we need to find a job for Mark for the fall as well. Alan, his former boss, and our good friend, is talking about trying to get him a job in the sociology department at UNO, and if that were to go through, I would be a happy camper. We could stay in New Orleans for one more year, Mark would have full teaching experience for his CV, and he could take some extra time with his thesis if he wanted to. And it would lower my stress this semester by about a bazillion. But we'll see about that.

Other Stuff: After talking about parents last night for a good hour, I find that I really miss my parents and wish they would call. This China thing is great for them, but sometimes it really blows.


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