Sep. 16th, 2003

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So I went to San Antonio. And I wrote many many many many pages. I finished the Lee Smith chapter, which I really really needed to do. It's 42 pages right now, and I think I have about 10 more pages worth of critical stuff I need to add. Once I finish the next bit of research, I imagine that will increase that to about 14-15 pages. I was aiming for 50 pages a chapter, so this is good.

I also tried on the muslin for the bodice of my dress. It was /way/ too big. So my sister made another one in like thirty seconds or something insane like that, and the second one fit better.

So then she cut out the pieces from the satin and the pieces from the lace, and started on the actual dress. Which she /mostly/ finished on Sunday. All the fancy stuff has to be added, like the trim and the sleeves and the buttons and stuff.

We went to Hancock's to see if they had any nice lace so that I could buy some for the inset in the bodice. I only needed about 3/8ths of a yard. We found a piece of beaded Alencon lace that was normally $180.00 a yard. It was on sale for 85.00 a yard. So I got some, and paid about 28.00 for it. It's gorgeous. And there's actually a lot of it left, so I let my sister keep it since she's been so generous with this whole process. In fact, I'm letting her keep all the leftover fabric, and there's a lot of it, and it's nice stuff.

So then she sewed all the stuffs together and I tried on the dress, minus the sleeves and fancy stuff.


I love this dress. I love this dress on me. I /feel/ like I'm glowing when I wear it. Being partially Spanish/Cuban has its advantages in perpetually tanned skin so that white actually looks nice on me.

Of course, it was a bit too big when she finished sewing it, so she has to undo one of the seams in the back and bring it in a little more so that it clings more across the chest and then falls in the Empire waist instead of the empire waist starting somewhere across my breasts.

On the way home, I stopped for gas, and locked my keys in the car, so I spent two hours waiting for a locksmith to be sent from AAA. /That/ was annoying. I never want to see the inside of that Pilot travel center again, thank you.

So tomorrow I have my follow up appointment with my regular physician so that I can go see the specialist. At about 3pm cst, think good thoughts for me.


Sep. 16th, 2003 07:36 pm
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Of the two bigwigs in the field that I asked to read sections of my dissertation and send me a letter for my portfolio, one of them said no and one said yes. The one who said no was the one in my field, who claimed she didn't know enough to feel comfortable commenting. The other one is not in my field, but his book and his theories are eerily close to my own, just in another field altogether. He was very very cool.


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