Sep. 10th, 2003

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I sent out requests to two well known people in my fields (one in southern, one in sexuality/gender studies) to see if they would read chapters of my dissertation and provide letters for my portfolio. Now it's just a matter of waiting to see how they respond. One I have met, and she was extremely nice and sort of half offered to help me out. The other once taught at my university and is friends with my director. So we'll see.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Doc. I've been stressing a /lot/ about my dissertation lately, and so he sent me a Build-A-Bear stuffed tiger with my university's T-shirt on it. His name is Button and he's my dissertation buddy, and he has a little sound thing so that when you push his paw he says "Let's be Friends!" or "Will you play with me?" or "I love you" or like four other things. It made me cry. In a good way.

The wedding invitations went out. I was able to actually /open/ all the envelopes and stamp the inner cards. I figured out a way to open them so that they sealed right back up when I was done. I was quite happy about that. Yesterday someone told me he'd gotten his invitation (only one day later, no less!) so now it feels ... well, like it's actually going to happen. :)

I have a gyn appointment today. Haven't had one of those in ... um... 7 years? No wait... 10 years. Something like that. Yes, I'm a bad bad bad person. At least I'm trying to make up for it.

I'm leaving for San Antonio on Friday morning (no, Jeni, you can't come visit -- I /have/ to work on the dissertation, and you would be a ... distraction). I'll be gone until Monday, and hopefully by the time I come back I'll have finished the Lee Smith chapter, made revisions on the Rosemary Daniell chapter, and completed enough to send to those two experts I mentioned back at the beginning of the post. I'm hoping to also finish my teaching portfolio so I can actually send out my job applications in a week or so.

Alan and Marian said we could use their house for our wedding shower, which is a great thing. They've got this huge unused room they call the "grand ballroom" and it's perfect for a party that will have like 36 people at it. Showers, parties, presents... it's like Christmas JUST FOR US. Weddings are great things. I want to have one every year.


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