Jun. 29th, 2003

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Tropical Storm Bill is in the Gulf. Just thought you'd want to know, Doc. :)
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This was posted on a weather forum that I read whenever the hurricane season is in effect. I checked it out tonight to see what the locals were making of Tropical Storm Bill, and this is what I read.

Quickly gathering strength is Tropical Storm Bill. The local meteorlogists seem content to let the city die without any care. Do they not realize how quickly this thing is gathering steam? Just yesterday it was nothing more than a cluster of scattered thunderstorms, and within twelve hours it has developed a tightening circulation and pressure has dropped nearly a quarter of an inch! I've been around NOLA a long time, and have seen how these storms EXPLODE.

This could easily be another Camille or Opal. Both storms developed in around the same spot. The difference, however, is that the GULF water is now at 86 degrees. For both of these storms the waters were not as warm. What does that mean? More likeliness of strong intensification. This upper level high over us and the extremely high water tempatures, as well as a lower level surge of left over moisture and energy from that dead front that tried to make its way down last week will develop one of the worst storms in recent memories.

Abandon hope all ye who stay.

Goddamnit, Bill. You go away, but leave all your crap down here. :)

Seriously, though, someone's got a little doomsday scenario going on in their head. Yeah, I got a couple cans of tuna and some sterno. I think I'm good in case this itsy bitsy baby Bill tries to huff and puff and blow our house down.


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