Feb. 22nd, 2003

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Okay, playing catch up a little bit here.

Trying to work on the dissertation. Found a couple of really neat theoretical works which I think will provide a good focal point for the chapters I was worried about. One of said works was a book looking at the role of passion and passionate love in literature, starting way back with the myth of Tristan and Iseult. It was fun to read last night, but put me in one of those "I'd really like to do something passionate and dangerous that would fuck everything all to hell but be way exciting" mindsets. In other words, one of those /February/ mindsets. Goddamn February. Go away already. :)

Moving forward on wedding plans. I sent out email to the bridesmaids/maid of honor/etc. with a couple shots of dresses. Got the photography taken care of, the invitations have been picked, the caterer and baker are all set, my parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner, and I have a seamstress and the fabrics for my dress. I'm thinking calla lillies for the bouquet, but beyond that, I don't have a florist or anything flower related chosen.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with my ability to plan this whole thing on a shoestring. I mean, sure, I had visions of a great and glorious plantation wedding, and I'm still having a big ol' plantation wedding -- only it's not costing more than about 5K altogether. Though sometimes it's still tempting to just go hit the JP. :) (Well, we don't have to /hit/ him. Just ask him to marry us.)

Going to Houston next weekend for a Cam thing. Little nervous about that, actually, since in character it's a big event centered around all the Princes of an alliance that I'm part of, which means there will be a lot of attention looking my way. It's like public speaking -- I know I can handle it and that I'm fairly good at it, but that doesn't stop the stage fright.

Been listening to a lot of the Chicago soundtrack. Still good. Seems to fit my jazz/blues mood lately. As does Doc's Nick Cave CD, which is still in my car, I believe. :) But yeah, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Dave Matthews, Chris Isaak, some Robbie Williams, Angie Aparo, Shawn Mullins ... that's the mood I've been in. For a while now. Lots of slow, smokey, horn sounds especially.

Still working two jobs in an effort to keep us floating. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass and sometimes it causes me to indulge in moments of self-pity, but overall, it's not nearly as bad as it could be. Especially since the legal job allows me to pretty much set my own hours, within limits.

I have a couple of new addictions, neither of which I have the time to indulge in. One is Tiger Woods Golf 2003 on the PS2. The other is House of Dead II at the arcade. *twitches* It's in the arcade at the theater, so we have to pay to get into it. But it's calling to me... must shoot zombies....


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