Feb. 5th, 2003

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Bleh. Don't wanna teach today. Actually, I do. I love teaching. It's the whole getting ready and driving out there that annoys me. Someone desperately needs to invent a teleporter. Or not. I'm not sure I'd want just anyone to be able to teleport themselves to my location. It would be scary bad.

I'm feeling mostly better after our experiences this past Sunday. I took the day off Monday to just rest and get some relaxing time in. But now I'm feeling that guilt that comes upon me when I realize I have lots and lots and lots of work and haven't done any of it yet.

Time to actually do some work on the dissertation. Serious work. I just wish I wasn't also having to do temp work. Maybe I'll take next week off from the temp job and just focus in on my schoolwork for a week.

Or maybe we'll skip the wedding and get married at a JP and I can stop worrying about saving the money. Or maybe D will win the lottery. Or maybe pigs will fly out my butt. Or something.

Okay, to work.

Oh, and Doc...? Hypocrite. Yes, you. I love you, but damn, you wanted the reward without having to do any of the work, didn't you? :)


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