Oct. 6th, 2003

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Oct. 6th, 2003 09:35 am
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What a weekend. I really /was/ going to get lots of dissertation work done. I really was. Honest to God.

Instead, though, we spent both Saturday night and Sunday night with A and M and at least two of the four of us got fairly intoxicated both nights. Much tequila and much wine and much amaretto and some champagne and ... oy.

You have to love that moment when someone that you're interested in makes it clear not only that she's interested in you, but also interested in things for which you have a proclivity and things which you never, in a million years, would have thought they /also/ had a proclivity for. And then that other moment when they rush the goodbye at the end of the night so they can get to the hugging part. Even if the lingering moment of an almost-kiss didn't actually result in the kiss. She's so cute. And so not straight, no matter what she once believed.

Went dress shopping with my Maid of Honor on Saturday morning to try to find a dress for the little civil ceremony. It so didn't happen. I think I'm just going to throw on jeans and a sweater and bam! Maybe I'll look once more in a couple of weeks, just on the offchance that something will strike my fancy, but probably not. Too much money and hassle for my taste.

Mark and I have our first dance lesson today. Yes. We're taking some dance lessons in prep for the wedding. We've decided that instead of having all party music and "Whoomp! There it is!" and "YMCA" stuff, we're doing Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Glen Miller, etc. Big band, swing, blues, and some contemporary stuff that will meld into the mix without too much jarring dissonance. We figured what the hell, right? We'll be at a plantation with fancy shmancy clothes on, we might as well add another touch of class and elegance. It's always kind of weird to look at a bunch of people in formal clothes dancing the electric slide anyway. But, since neither Mark nor I are expert dancers, and since our sense of rhythm for anything beyond slow dancing is slightly warped, we're going to take a few lessons to at least have some semblance of how to dance to the music we've chosen. And I've always wanted to take a few lessons anyway. And the adventures of Captain Steam have inspired me.

Of course, I'm tired and slightly hung over this morning, so dancing in two hours ought to be interesting to say the least. :)


Oct. 6th, 2003 03:18 pm
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We LOVED our dancing lessons. But they are pricey. We went ahead and got them anyway, even though it brings us to eating ramen for every meal. hey, maybe we'll lose weight and be THIN and DANCING on the dance floor!

Anyone wanna pay for our lessons as a wedding present? :)
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YAY Doc! Red Sox Win!

Yay Kathy! More email from Dad. Things are fine! (For the few of you who get that)


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