Sep. 29th, 2003

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I got back last night from Josh's wedding in BOLIVAR, Missouri. It was, as everyone said, not a wedding, but a musical. Complete with groom singing to bride, groom's college acapella group showing up to surprise him and sing songs to him and the bride that made the ol' Baptists in the audience sweat a bit, the father singing to the bride as he gave her over to the groom, and at least four different numbers during the ceremony.

But it was beautiful!

As I listened to the preacher talk about her kindness, his strength, her sweetness, his integrity, her goodness, his powers of mind, her beauty and vivacity, his intelligence land eadership and her support and submission and his ... well, let's just say I made a list of things for our officiant NOT to say. But I should have expected it from a hardcore Baptist ceremony.

It was a long weekend. 13 hours there on Friday. 13 hours back on Sunday. And working all day today to try to catch up.

Doc, thanks for the measurements. :)

Steam, I love you and I'm sorry about Frankie. I wish I could say more or offer more in the way of support, but know I'm thinking about you.


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