Sep. 17th, 2003


Sep. 17th, 2003 12:42 pm
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I held out that maybe, just maybe, my Grandmother wasn't the bitch I thought she was.

She didn't go to my sister's wedding in Texas. Less than a year later she went to my cousin's wedding in Louisiana. Now she's not coming to my wedding in Louisiana. She's had a year's notice. She lives with my rich uncle, and she's rich herself. She travels all over the place. It's not like she's sick or can't afford it.

And my dad told my uncle that if they ditched out on my wedding, it would be a very clear signal to my family that we'd been written off.

I haven't heard from my uncle, but I did get my Grandma's RSVP card.

I shouldn't feel hurt or rejected by this, because we've known she was a bitch for a long time. But I was holding out that maybe she'd come, since she came to my cousin's. Nope. Bah.

Fuck her.
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The physician said it's definitely something. I have an ultrasound on Friday at 1.

Of course, she also said it's likely to be the least bad of the bad things. So there's kind of mixed news.

Apparently the specialist hospital I'm going to promises to have you fully treated within five days of your first ultrasound. So hopefully whatever this is will be over and done with by next week.


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