Sep. 6th, 2003

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Sometimes I amaze myself with my idiocy. Really.

Okay, invitations are addressed. Stamped. Sealed. Filled with the things they need. Ready to go.

Mark: Hey Kathy, all the return cards inside are stamped, aren't they?
Kathy: ...
Kathy ...
Kathy ... FUCK

Mark: Oh. Um. It's just a .37 cent stamp. Don't worry. Noone will crucify you.

Kathy ... FUCK

Yeah. I feel like an idiot. So I went out and bought stamps and paper that sorta matches the invitations and envelopes and I'm going to type up a letter and say "I'm an idiot. I forgot to stamp the return card! So here's your stamp!" and give everyone the stamp for it. Because I'm an idiot, it cost us an extra 60 bucks to send out these invitations. Whee.


In other news, my advisor said something about my dissertation possibly "changing the face of southern literary theory" or something like that.

. . . .

Uh... yeah. No pressure there. None. This has, of course, given me the most severe case of writing fear I've ever known, and I'm finding it hard to get back to work. Though the conversation with Doc helped last night.

I'm going to San Antonio next weekend, and I'm going to lock myself away in the house by myself and eat fajitas and write on my dissertation for two days. I think I can probably get a whole lot done then. We'll see.

Off to Baton Rouge in an hour or so. I'm going to try to give blood, if they'll let me, and then much socialization, and then the game. Whee. :)


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