Aug. 24th, 2003

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So, because of my infections, I'm not really capable of the running around I was planning on doing this weekend. I skipped the game (very very unlike me, but Mark would've knocked me unconscious and locked me in the bedroom if I'd tried to go to the game) and stayed home. I figured that since I was starting to feel a little better, I'd go ahead and get some dissertation and syllabus-writing wrok done. Finished off the syllabus stuff first. Let me tell you, having to rework syllabusses because some incompetent in the registrar's office can't seem to actually follow directions and get me media-enhanced classrooms pisses me off to no end -- even if it wasn't her fault, she should have had the good grace to answer my emails and let me know that instead of making me find out when the classroom schedule was posted, and then refusing to return my calls.

Then I pulled out the dissertation stuff, added it all together, put it into a file to be printed out for my committee and danced joyously at the 80 pages I have. Yes. Eighty pages. Eight Zero. Woot woot. Of course, much of it is in dire need of revision, but that's okay. It means I'm only 20 pages from halfway done with my goal length.

But I couldn't focus on actually /working/ on the dissertation. My brain was just too fuzzy from codeine and pain and fever. So I watched the first hour of Gormenghast. It's ... surreal. Very fairy tale and over the top and .... well, very very British. It's not /bad/, it's just very very odd. I turned it off and decided to wait for Mark to watch it with me because I /want/ to see it, but I'm not sure if I'm going to want to watch it more than once, so I don't want to watch it without him.

I was in the mood, by this point, for something medieval-y and romantic and girly and passionate and sexy. But my list of movies that contain all those things are limited. So I took out Dangerous Beauty and watched that instead. Close enough. It filled the craving. Of course, the kinds of cravings it instilled are another story altogether. I'll be /damned/ glad when these infections are gone, that's for damn sure.

My parents were a little bummed about my invitation wording. It made me feel a little guilty. But I didn't include their names on the invitations because they're not paying for the wedding, and I was just following the etiquette guides. I think I soothed their hurt feelings, but it made me feel like buying all new invitations and including their names just because I /hate/ hurting them in any way. Beh. They leave for China tomorrow, and they sound really excited, especially my mom. I'm glad she's going over there and having this adventure. It's going to do them both worlds of good, I think.

My dad also asked me about where I wanted to go for my honeymoon. When I told him we were just going to pay our bills instead, he said, "Yes. I know. But where do you /want/ to go?" Which leads me to believe they may end up paying for some plane tickets for us to New York since I told him that our non-Italy and non-China option was to go to New York City and catch as many plays as possible in one week. We'll see. I certainly wouldn't object to that.

I managed to eat some Chang's Spicy Chicken for dinner, which was pretty amazing. It was the first "real" food I've had in a few days, and it's what my body was craving. It actually made my throat feel good. I think it's something about the heat (physical) and the heat (spicy). That and some won ton soup made up all I was really able to get down today. I'll be /so/ glad when this is over. Did I say that already?

I'm feeling ... hungry. For about a million different things. None of them food. But then, frustration is good for the soul. Waiting is good, right Steam?


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