Aug. 10th, 2003

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Went out Friday night, corsets and all, and had a good time. Though it made me feel unutterably old. There was a time when I did the goth thing and spent time in goth clubs and flirted with cute goth chicas and would have been all over the cute goth girl bartender in a heartbeat. But it's not my scene anymore. And I like to breathe. Corsets do not lend themselves to breathing, and I am far from corset-trained. The longest I'd worn it before that night was about half an hour. I pulled off about five and a half hours Friday night. Wah.

We had good food at Cafe Roma, though, and we had fun getting ogled. The best was the barker in front of the Italian place who hit on me and got all flirty and sensual and then when we told him we were from Metairie, got all upset and was like, "Shit, you're locals! And here I thought I had a couple of winners." I guess they wanted the girls with corsets in the Italian restaurant.

So the next day was lunch at Equator with B, followed by looking at some dresses at a horrible horrible bridal salon where we will not take our business. We found some dresses she liked, and she will probably get one of the ones we saw, but not from there. Ick.

Then there were birthday spankings for her. Light and happy ones instead of the deep, hard, penetrating ones that she deserves, but I was feeling light and happy and vaguely hung over, so.

I didn't get as much work done on the dissertation as I wanted this week, but I got some done.

Was honored by someone telling me he had a crush on me. It's one of those things that just automatically endears you to a person. So I invited him to my wedding. I'm not sure if that's sadistic of me, or friendly. Maybe a combination of both.

Got email from someone I hadn't heard from in a long long time, who may be at the wedding, which makes me a little bit nervous, but in a good way. Someone I really want D to meet.

Spent today just hanging out with D. Made stirfry. Ate chocolate. :)

Life is good.


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