Aug. 8th, 2003


Aug. 8th, 2003 10:04 am
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So, I'm going out with B tonight to celebrate her birthday. We're going to the Quarter. Beyond that, there's no plan beyond "be somewhere at midnight where they won't mind the spankings." I don't mind delivering said spankings /anywhere/, but I think B would prefer someplace where everyone in the world won't be staring at her. (As far as I'm concerned, that makes it even more delicious!)

So anyway, as it always does, the question of what to wear came up. And B said the word "corsets." Well, now, I /love/ my corset, don't get me wrong, but oh lord... wandering the Quarter on a Friday night in a corset? I /do/ actually like to breathe.

So I tried to talk her down from said outfits. It's going to be hot, I argued, and who wants to be sweating inside a corset in this heat and humidity? Besides, the last thing I want is boys spilling beer all over my beautiful, expensive, brocade corset.

So this morning I started thinking about what to wear. And I put on a pair of ultra tight jeans. And then my little half-corset style camisole. And then my lace ... dress? teddy? I'm not sure. D calls it my "whore dress." And the outfit looked good. Sexy and sleek and not too hot to wear if we should end up dancing somewhere.

Okay. Done. I felt good. But then it was nagging at me, so I went in and tried on the corset and the jeans.

Whoa. I didn't expect it to look like that. So I wore it around the house, looser than I normally wear it, sitting down and standing up and moving about to see if I could wear it out. And I think I can.

So. Tonight might be a corset night after all.


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