Aug. 6th, 2003

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My dad sent me email today asking me for some kind of etiquette book or something on weddings because he felt like maybe he could have done "better" than he did at my sister's wedding.

I cried. I mean it. I cried.

My dad was /amazing/ at my sister's wedding. He gave a toast that made me teary-eyed and was one of the best (and happily non-sappy) toasts I've ever heard. Ever. He did what my sister wanted, he told her jokes before she walked down the aisle to stop her from crying (didn't work, of course) and was just ... I dunno, perfect.

So the fact that he wants to do an even better job... or that he doesn't realize how good a job he did... well, it made me both sad and happy at the same time and made me cry. He's an amazing father, and I don't care how much we didn't get along as I was growing up, I couldn't ask for someone better to be walking me down those treacherous steps to keep me from falling and breaking my face.

Oh, and I went to Amazon and ordered him _The Idiot's Pocket Guide to Being the Father of the Bride_. But also told him I didn't think it had a single thing to teach him.


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