Jul. 2nd, 2003

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Good News:

My money finally came in from Tulane, which means that we'll be flush by Monday.

I've actually managed to get a few pages of the newest dissertation chapter written.

Book V of the Dark Tower series will be available in November, and is currently available for pre-order.

I get holiday pay for Friday, so even though we had to take a half day because of the hurricane on Monday, I'm not short any money.

I have many new clothes. :)

Tomorrow is my last day having to work with this lawyer I don't like.

The all-girls road trip is a go for next Thursday since everyone has the day off. San Antonio here we come. :) Three pretty young women in a giant truck headed for Texas. I'm sure someone out there has a fantasy....

Bad News:

Hm. Um. Yeah. Oh wait! I got one! The website that I keep trying to order part of the Doc's presents from refuses to take my money. Which is normally okay, except that this means no merchandise. So I'm going to keep trying through the week and see if I have any luck. If not, I may have to actually make a trip to the actual place to actually buy them in actual person.

And I just want to say, for the record, that I know I'm the luckiest gal on earth. Not only is D out there working a job he really doesn't enjoy so that I can have a few weeks off this summer, he's also planning to work through the rest of the summer so that he can take me on a monster shopping spree for lots of new fall clothes.

Of course, the fact that it means he gets to dress me up and play with me like a Barbie doll in the dressing rooms has nothing to do with that. Nothing at all.


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