Jun. 13th, 2003

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So. I try not to vent about jobs or whatever too much these days, but oh lord...

Last week I worked, through my temp agency, for a woman at Lawfirm A. I had worked at Lawfirm A for about two months prior to that for two other gentlemen and had a great time. But this woman... I call her the Dutch Bitch because she is the Consulate to the Netherlands here in New Orleans. She is a horrible horrible horrible person who thinks that anyone who isn't making a 6 figure salary is there to be walked on. I am not exaggerating a bit of this. She got pissed as hell when I told her that I couldn't stay late one night because I had a ride waiting, and she told me, "Well! Your ride can wait, I need you here!" I didn't stay. I stood up for myself. I'm a grown woman, I do that.

Apparently this pissed her off a lot. And she became really snotty and angry and treated me like dirt for the rest of the week. Whatever. It was only a week, and I knew I'd never work for her again.

So. This week I'm working at Lawfirm B. Lawfirm B is one I really like. I feel comfortable here, they like me, I like them, things are good.

Next week I was supposed to work at Lawfirm C. It was a six week gig and it was going to be what took me through to August at which point I was going to work on my dissertation for a month.

Apparently, the lawyer at Lawfirm C knows Dutch Bitch from Lawfirm A, and when he found out I worked for woman at Lawfirm A, he called her to get a recommendation.

Dutch Bitch at Lawfirm A gave a horrible review of me. The first bad review I've ever gotten. I worked my ass off for her, and she gave me a bad review because of that refusing to stay late. Told him I was unmotivated and unwilling to work.

Lawfirm C cancelled the order. Which left me without work. My temp agent was extremely pissed at Lawfirm A. Because she knows that I'm one of the best that she has, and I had documented every bad thing that had happened at Lawfirm A, so she knew the truth already. Plus personnel at Lawfirm A, and the two gentlemen I had worked for loved me. But because the attorney himself knew the Dutch Bitch, he personally cancelled the order.

Lawfirm B, the one I'm at now, was so angry for me, when I told them what happened, that they're working desperately to find me work here. They're sending out emails to get everyone's summer vacation schedules so that they can tell me what weeks they need people, and they're trying to /find/ a place for me.

While on the one hand I feel angry beyond belief at that horrible horrible woman, on the other hand, I feel incredibly valuable and respected by everyone else. I guess every cloud does have some kind of pleasant lining.


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