May. 18th, 2003

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They've decided on cremation for my Uncle. They're keeping his remains in Phoenix instead of sending/taking them back to Rochester. So they're having a ceremony on Tuesday where, I guess, they do the actual cremating (how awfully morbid). And then another service on Wednesday where they put the remains into a ... I dunno, like a little holding block or something. Like a burial for ashes or something.

Gah. I am so glad I'm donating my body to science. The very thought of my remains being burned and then buried while people in black stand around gawking is just enough to make me want to scream.

My mother is flying out to Phoenix tomorrow and so she'll be with my Dad, and I feel a little better about not being able to make it, since he won't be alone.

Leo, the man who was, for all intents and purposes, my dad's second father, and the father of my dad's best friend, is still holding on, but they don't know how much longer. Last night they didn't expect him to make it through the night. He can't speak, but he's able to write things down on paper.

I'm so glad my dad was able to get out there this past year to see Leo for Leo's birthday. And that Leo was alive to see the paperwork for the brick engraved with his name on the walkway around the D-Day Museum. I meant to go down there today and take pictures of his brick, but I wasn't up to much of anything today.

Since I don't even know, at this moment, if Leo is still alive, I don't know if there will be services. But I may still be going to Rochester sometime this week, either way. Either to see him once more or to go to the funeral. God. Just writing this makes me vaguely weepy and tired.

In better news, I hired a DJ for the wedding. He has a great Louisiana accent and is just all kinds of friendly and professional, so I'm looking forward to getting his contract and working with him.

D's sister agreed to sing for us at the wedding. I'm also going to be asking two of my bridesmaids to sing our exit processional song, but we'll see if they're up for it or not. :)

My financial aid came in and should be available Tuesday. Money will help.

Our guest list has gotten out of hand, but I think we'll manage to get it down to where it needs to be.

I went out with the Doc last night and had one of the patented Kathy-Bill conversations we are so good at. I will miss those like nobody's business. I will miss him twice as much as the conversations. Thank heavens for the internet. Right now is such a bad time to think about losing my bestest non-D friend. I'm happy as a bug in a rug for him, but there's still sadness.

D has written on his thesis all day today, and I am mucho proud of him. I love you D.


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