May. 3rd, 2003


May. 3rd, 2003 11:31 pm
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So I went to Little Vietnam today with the Doc and Scout, and searched all over the damn place for the Onion chips I live for, and finally found them at a grocery store I've never been to, but happened to see out of the corner of my eye as we were leaving the area. I bought out the last five bags they had.

I also had a drink of the most startlingly scary thing ever, but I'm sure the Doc will be explaining that, so I won't bother. I also had a taste of footlocker rice cake. Durian is still one of the most disgusting things ever. The most positive thing that can be said about is what the Doc came up with today. "It tastes like decaying flowers." Yep.

We also checked out the Free Comics Day stuff and I picked up a few things at the comic store. And then we went to Martin's for sandwiches (better this time, but still not the happenin' place that Doc and D seem to think it is).

Then we went and bought D a new wardrobe full of clothes for work. And suspenders. Mmmmm. I like guys in suspenders. Hell, I think I'd drool about D no matter what he was wearing. He's just that damn good looking. Ask the girls who want to clone him. :)

Things have been a little touch and go lately over issues of emotions, sexuality, and hormones, but I think I'm pulling it all together and coming out with flying colors, as I usually do.

I'm working for a lawyer with a hidden stash of porn under his computer who is a Rush Limbaugh supporter, a cigar smoking bigwig, and the former King of a big Mardi Gras Krewe. You'd think I'd be making more money then I do. I'll be demanding a raise on Friday, I think. After four weeks, they can afford to raise my rate by 50 or so bucks a week.

I'm giving more serious thought, once again, to the possibility of Santeria. Don't think I'm ready yet to talk about that, but as the thoughts continue, and I get more concrete in my decisions, I'll post more.

I'm also hungry lately for a play party. Really hungry.

Maybe that has something to do with B, who came over with her daughter on Friday night and had dinner and cartoons with us. Maybe it has something to do with wrapping my fingers in her hair for those last few minutes she was here.



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