Apr. 21st, 2003

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I have a new bunny! He is aquamarine colored and has floppy ears and his name is Ollie, short for Oliver, named after Oliver Warbucks from Annie because I was watching Annie when he showed up last night with sweettart chicks, ducks & bunnies and easter starburst and flowers and the cutest damn easter card ever.

Thank you, D. You are, as always, absolutely amazing.

Had Easter Dinner with the Doc and Scout yesterday, and that was lots of fun. Watched The Last Temptation of Christ too. Oddly surreal while being on Sudafed for an attack of allergification.

Friday night was the party, and that was lots of fun. Saturday was lots and lots of fun too. Unexpected fun. Good food, good company, etc.

And we're talking, half-seriously (maybe fully seriously, I don't know) about moving to Australia with some of our closest friends.

Okay. Shower. Work.

Oh, and many people read the first two pages of my dissertation this weekend and are very appreciative of stripper Jesus.
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A couple of people have asked, so I'm going to include the opening anecdote from my introduction. It probably needs to be spruced up a little and it needs to flow a little more, but this will at least give you the bit that people seem to appreciate. :)

Stripper Jesus )


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