Apr. 15th, 2003

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Well, I was really worried about this particular job I'm in. Especially when words like "working late most nights" came out from the lips of one of my bosses, and they made me sit through hours of training for stuff that I know inside and out (probably better than the trainer, but I wasn't going to push it.)

But, today's my second day, and I can say that I actually really kinda like the place. It's quiet and sorta laid back, and both of my attorneys are completely cool (even encouraging, really) about my working on the dissertation while not doing anything else.

As a result, I have written the first two pages of my introduction today. Yes. Two actual pages of the dissertation. I already had about 12 pages of introductory theory notes and review of scholarship and blahblah, but this is two actual pages.

I feel like a pregnant mom must feel after getting her first sonogram. "It's a boy? It's a girl? No! It's a dissertation!" Now if I can only get through the morning sickness, I think I'll be doing okay.

Oh! Going on a date tonight. Haven't done that in forever. Chang's and maybe a movie and then home to watch Buffy on tape and lots of cuddling and maybe some sex, and lots and lots and lots of playfulness, because I think we both really really need it.

And, in good news, I put on a business dress today that I haven't worn in years. *dances* It fits great, and looks really good on me.


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