Feb. 15th, 2003

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So, yesterday was pretty rockin'. We went to Commander's Palace and had an amazing lunch. D got the crawfish maque choux, and I got the grilled mahi mahi with "local legume succotash" which I didn't touch since it was in a buttery sauce. The fish, however, was incredible. And D's crawfish which was a little smoky in flavor was still pretty damn good. (He loved it, it was just a little too smoky for me.) The sugar cane vinagrette salad dressing on my spinach and candied pecans salad was great, as was the sweet basil one on D's. And the bellinis were, as always, fantastic.

D has been nursing a cold for a couple of days, and unfortunately it kicked in hardcore style yesterday. So after Commander's Palace, while we were at the Ford dealership, he started to waver on energy. Three hours later, when we were finally handed the keys to the new truck, he was exhausted, so we went home instead of going out to get jewelry like originally planned. (though we did make a quick stop in Best Buy to pick up the new Season 1 of Angel on DVD).

We bought a Ford F-150, black, with an extended cab. It's ... big. It's a big truck. I can sit in the truck and look down on every other driver on the road and it's kinda neat. And it's automatic, so I can drive it! Woot, fun.

When we came home, I made chicken soup for dinner and we watched the last 5 episodes of Season 3 Buffy in preparation for Angel Season 1. And there was lots of cuddling and holding and touching and sappiness. And it was an amazing day, Valentine's or not.

Plus, D wrote me the sweetest love letter I've ever gotten, and it made me cry. I repeat, sometimes I'm /such/ the girlygirl.


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